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Slow Adventure Escape

Totally immerse yourself in the breathtaking landscape of West Fermanagh... A unique experience combining gentle canoeing & well deserved pampering in our Wild Eden Hot Tub.

How does it work?

This half day experience starts in the afternoon with a self-guided tour of Upper Lough Macnean in a single or double sit-on canoe.

You are provided with all you need: wetsuit (full body, long John or shortie), buoyancy aid, map of the lake and dry bag for your snacks or mobile.

One of our staff will give you some basic instruction, check you are happy on your canoe and advise you on where to go on the lake to discover islands steeped in history, crannogs or the local sculpture trail.

Then it is your own adventure, whether you want to explore the many islands, glide through the pristine waters of Upper Lough Macnean & watch the rich wildlife, or take a swim.

Time slows down when you are truly immersed in the wilderness - de-stress and escape the hustle and bustle of every day life, experience nature’s peacefulness and beauty.

After 2 hours of gentle canoeing or active paddling depending on your mood (and sometimes the weather conditions), time to go back to Corralea for some relaxation in our Hot Tub.

Before you leave the shore, make sure to capture the moment on our unique Lough Swing, with Thur Mountain as a back drop! (Don't forget to tag us @corralea_centre)

The next hour and a half is all about self-indulgence, total relaxation and inner reflection.

Wild Eden Hot Tub is yours for the next 90minutes.

The hot tub has no bubbles, it is an oasis of calm and stillness, surrounded by trees on the shores of the lake.

Sit back, look up at the tree tops or let your look wander from forest to lake and further away to the Leitrim hills.

Time stops here as you soothe your mind, relax your body and rejuvenate your soul.

Let us inspire you to slow down, take time and connect with nature.

Our Slow Adventure Escape helps restore the natural balance between people and nature. It is about creating inspiring connections with the outdoors.

What is Slow Adventure Tourism?

‘Slow adventure’ is a new tourism concept that serves as an antidote to people’s urban lives. The antithesis of high-adrenaline, commercialised adventure sports - slow adventure encourages people to enjoy and experience the outdoors at a slower pace and to engage with remote and wild places.

These are some of the characteristics of the Slow Adventurer according to SAINT (Slow Adventure In Northern Territories – project run by the University of the Highlands and Islands)

  • Open-minded and wanting ‘quality and value’

  • Looking for an experience with elements of privacy

  • Seeking greater elements of simplicity in increasingly complicated lives

  • Willing to pursue more ethical travel

  • Highly motivated by a feeling of escapism and a desire to ‘get lost’ and find themselves

  • Viewing Nature as a re-energiser.

Do you think any of these characteristics apply to you?

Then our Slow Adventure Escape is your chance to explore and engage with wild, open & natural places, to journey through breath taking landscapes at a slower immersive pace and to create memories through meaningful experiences.



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